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The "Create the Future" project, the Letter Writing Campaign of 2006 undertaken by fans of the X-Files, existed in the hopes of getting 20th Century Fox to put a second X-Files movie into production. It was closed in February 2008. This is the Live Journal base of operations, please visit the website to read about the project's results.

As of April 2009 "Create the Future" is proudly supporting XFN's follow-up XF3 campaign titled "Believe in the Future" in honour of our project. Tons of X-Files communities all over the web have come together this time to raise their voice, and demand a third movie; this time we're going to convince FOX with postcards from all over the world.

Visit Believe in the Future Central to learn about this amazing new Phile collaboration.

All important updates about the new project will be crossposted to this community for Live Journal users, who wish to easily follow them.

Find all "Believe in the Future" updates.

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