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02 May 2009 @ 09:11 am
Stage One Underway  
Friday, 01 May 2009 20:46

Phase one of the “Believe in the Future” campaign is getting underway and XFN is lining up regional liaisons in countries around the globe.

Worldwide Postcard Project-

What does a regional liaison do you ask? Essentially, they are responsible for collecting postcards mailed from philes all over their region. Once they reach the closing date for that region, they are to ship the box of cards to XFN’s west coast ‘office.’ We will also be giving the option to send the post cards directly to XFN’s west coast ‘office’ should a phile be uncomfortable with sending to a regional liaison.

At this time we are asking that fans refrain from sending these postcards directly to FOX. All post cards that are part of the “Believe in the Future” campaign will be hand delivered to a specific person at FOX in November.

Postcards will be pasted onto a 10 foot 13 inch by 10 foot 13 inch banner. Plans are in the works to include a second banner but all cards in excess of that banner/s will still be delivered at the same time.

As XFN is still compiling a list of regional liaisons and addresses, this information will be released shortly.
IBG is also designing postcards that can be printed online. We expect to have those designs finished up soon and will get that information to you, including where to download, as soon as we have it available.

“Believe in the Future” Skype Files Marathon

In response to the overwhelming amount of support this campaign has received in recent days, “The Skype Files” has agreed to run a mytharc marathon that will start tomorrow and run through October 31st.

Tomorrow night’s session will start with the Pilot to be followed by Deep Throat and Fallen Angel. A full Skype Files schedule is available here and includes special sessions and holiday episodes. If you are new to skype and need help, email avi_quijada(at)xfilesnews(dot)com or tiffany_devol(at)xfilesnews(dot)com.


One of the most exciting developments in this campaign is XFN’s plan for a week long celebration of the second “X-Files” feature film, “The X-Files: I Want to Believe.” IWTB Week will run from July 18 - July 25 and during this time, XFN is challenging fans all over the globe to go out and purchase the single disk DVD of “I Want to Believe.” If you already own it, get a second copy for safekeeping, for your mom, your yet to be born offspring, or a friend down the street who has never seen the show. It doesn’t matter who you give it to, though it would be nice of you to bombard your non phile friends with free copies of the film.

The goal is to send a message to FOX by spiking the film’s DVD sales for that week. During IWTB Week, XFN will chart sales as well by asking that you update us with how many DVD’s were purchased and where. The genius behind this initiative is IBG’s Patricia Steffy and XFN is honored to take it from the drawing board into Philedom.

As exciting as these events are
, they are only a part of what XFN has in store for this campaign.

Phase Two will be announced soon and will include an open call to all “X-Files” fan vidders. We have three promotional video ideas that we will be asking vidders to film so stay tuned for more information about that!

XFN has already fielded questions about whether or not we plan to contact members of the media. The short answer to this is yes, though we are not at liberty to say who, how or when at this time.

Stay tuned to XFN for the latest and remember to “Believe in the Future.”

Are you a believer?

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Which side of the postcard will be pasted on the banner? Will they be able to read the writing on the postcard, or will the side with the picture be facing up?